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Raw Post - 2020

Raw Post Production Ltd

Raw Post Ltd is in it's 8th year. Owners Pierre and Jeremy have made commercials for over 25 years. We've add a little old school savvy to being one of London's first fully remote post facilities. Without endless corridors of suites we rely primarily on remote talent that we creatively manage. We are the perfect "bolt on" solution - no matter how big your team need to be. We now have over a hundred artists in our little black book and many are ex mainstream facilities. Our small hub is in Fitzrovia London where we co-ordinate the teams, facilitate client facing approvals when necessary, eat Pastéis de Nata and even chat about Plato*.

Raw Collective is our "at yours" solution which provides individuals or full teams of editors, colourists, graphic artists at your location. We don't get involved creatively, we just manage the gang. Simple. We can either work on your equipment or bring our own. (Even full grade or audio setup).

So as the Covid curtains lift we will find ourselves on a new terrain, a little bumpy and possibly a bit hostile. It will probably take some getting used to. We are ready...we are lean and scaleable. We have the same talent available to us as the best out there and if you let us optimise it with a "thinking" management team - we might just surprise your budget and impress your creatives. If Covid has made the world need and embrace remote post just a little more, then we welcome you.

Lets have some fun.

Pierre and Jeremy

Ok ok, so maybe you can replace Plato with: "...drying biltong, which are the best coffee tampers in the world, Nike Airmax 95 vs 97, who the hell does makeup on a train, which 80's music actually made a difference and just what is a sour-dough starter - and do you even get a dip with it?"