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Raw Post - 2019

Raw Post Production Ltd

Raw Post is in it's 7th year. We are one of London's first virtual facilities. With no physical edit suites we rely solely on remote freelance talent. It keeps your job on budget and does not compromise the quality of the work. We now have over a hundred talented freelance operators in our little black book. Our small hub is in Fitzrovia London where we cordinate the teams, facilitate client facing approvals when necessary, eat Pastéis de Nata and even chat about Plato*.

The Raw Collective

This is our exciting new division. The Raw Collective is a select group from our freelance editors and colourists, who are now available to work with you at your office, if that's where you need them - whether you just need an editor for a quick cut or a more specialist skill to compliment your post team when you have a more tricky job. We currently offer a broad range of talent:

  • Offline Edit
  • Colour grade (in suite, remote or on-site)
  • Motion Graphics (vfx • 2d &3d animators • flame compositors)

See more here.

P.S. Ok ok, so maybe you can replace 'Plato' with: "baking bread...which are the best coffee tampers...airmax 95 vs 97...doing makeup on a train...which 80's music and just what is in an 'Old Fashioned?' "